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FM1208CPU card has what advantages and its application scope

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FM1208 belongs to the CPU Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics independently developed the latest high-end intelligent contactless chip CPU The product uses high-tech technology, with a number of innovative points and product advantages, and has won a number of national patent technology.

FM1208CPU card has what advantages and its application scope

FM1208CPU card has what advantages and its application scope

FM1208CPU card

What are the advantages of FM1208 CPU card.

1, FM1208CPU advanced card technology

High-end intelligent contactless CPU card (FM1208) series products use advanced ultra-deep submicron EEPROM process technology.

2, FM1208CPU card security is high

FM1208 chip built-in hardware DES co-processor is more secure than the stream encryption technology of ordinary cards.

3、FM1208 CPU card is compatible

FM1208 high intelligence contactless CPU the card not only has the advantages of high security and large capacity, but also wide compatibility.

Public transportation card

4, FM1208CPU the card is widely used

FM1208 is a highly intelligent contactless CPU card chip designed and developed by Fudan Microelectronics for the needs of domestic public transportation, high-speed, campus, city card, small consumption, electronic wallet and other fields.

5、FM1208 CPU card has scalability

FM1208 high intelligence contactless CPU is not just a single contactless card IC card chip is a card operating system COS) equipped with an application platform COS CPU the card is equivalent to a microcomputer, not only has data storage functions, but also has command processing, computing and data encryption functions.

FM1208 CPU card is also very wide range of applications, typical applications: city bus, a card, highway card, small consumer card, campus card, financial payment e-purse, identity authentication. Company Environment

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