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CPU cards are gradually moving from financial applications to civilian applications

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CPU cards are gradually moving from financial applications to civilian applications

CPU cards are gradually moving from financial applications to civilian applications

The upgraded CPU card of IC card has faster storage space, faster data reading time and more sectors, so it is used in finance, insurance, government and other fields with high security needs once it is launched (this is also the main reason why the magnetic stripe cards of banks have been replaced by chip cards in recent years), and with the good performance of CPU cards in the financial field people gradually realize its security degree, and CPU cards gradually become Access cards, membership cards and other commercial cards.

CPU card features.

1. CPU card uses a variety of chip-level anti-attack means, basically can not be forged.

2. The internal and external authentication mechanism unique to CPU cards and the special authentication mechanism represented by the financial IC card specification can completely guarantee the legitimacy of transactions.

3. The key of CPU card does not appear in plain text on the line during authentication and transaction, it is encrypted with random numbers for each delivery, and because of the participation of random numbers, it ensures that the content of each transmission is different, and the keys used in the process are generated in a secure card issuing environment and installed in cipher text into the SAM card and user card, and the key is not exposed throughout the process, which ensures the transaction security.

4. The application firewall function of CPU card can guarantee the security independence of different applications in the same card. The financial industry, which requires high security, uses CPU cards as the standard for next-generation bank cards. The use of CPU cards can eliminate counterfeit cards, counterfeit terminals and counterfeit transactions, which ultimately ensures the security of the system.

5. The large storage space of CPU card can meet the expected large amount of consumption applications required to store more customer information. And then the security is not only the security of the electronic money stored in the card, but also the security of personal information, and the security mechanism of contactless CPU card can provide a good guarantee for this.

In conclusion: high security performance of the CPU card is the world's most secure chip card, whether the function of the security is a bright future.

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