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CPU card in the "one card" system application what advantages

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One card is the most popular smart card, but as the carrier of one card, CPU card is the best choice for one card, so what is the advantage of CPU card in "one card; system application? Let's understand.

CPU card in the "one card" system application what advantages

CPU card in the "one card" system application what advantages

CPU, also known as smart card, is a microprocessor chip IC card, the card structure is similar to a microcomputer system. The integrated circuit inside the card is like a computer motherboard, with an integrated central processing unit (CPU), EEPROM, random memory (RAM), read-only memory (ROM), and an on-chip operating system cured in read-only memory, i.e. COS. Some of the chips inside the card also have an integrated encryption operation association processor to improve security and work speed.

CPU card

For CPU card, the advantages of CPU card in "one card; system application are as follows.

1. Storage space and partitioning

MIFARE1 card storage space is very limited, using a fixed fan area and block management.

CPU card storage space is several times of MIFARE1 card completely meet the current storage needs, using a file storage mode similar to the operating system, the design is very flexible.

2、Key length

MIFARE1 card adopts 6-byte password and sector control.

CPU card uses 16-byte key, which can establish multi-level partition according to actual needs and realize multi-level partition multi-level key combination control to improve the security of use.

3. Encryption authentication algorithm

MIFARE1 card uses special non-public hardware logic algorithm that has been cracked.

CPU card adopts general public software or hardware acceleration algorithm, which can be customized to meet financial standards.

4.Read and write security module

MIFARE1 card uses algorithm built-in key outgoing, authentication method is card and special base station chip authentication, the technology has been cracked.

CPU card through the universal read-write module transparent transmission SAM in both sides of the card for key algorithm authentication, the use of encrypted random numbers in the transmission process, greatly improving the security when reading and writing.

5、Transaction process

MIFARE1 card transaction process is simple and non-standard, need to customize the anti-pulling process.

CPU the card has financial standards, but also by the user's flexible design, built-in anti-pulling process.

6. Control access rights

MIFARE1 card can only read, write only, read, write, add, subtract. CPU different file types of the card flexible design authentication methods.

From the point of view of system security, IC card security is also improving, CPU card is the most dynamic in terms of security. CPU card can be used in a variety of security methods, even to protect the software system. A variety of different applications, such as virtual, can simultaneously use the storage structure of MIFARE a card, that is, a card for multiple uses. cos combined with the software system to improve operational flexibility. Related product links: cpu card inductive ic card visual card

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