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Anyone who understands smart cards knows that CPU cards are superior to M1 cards

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Anyone who understands smart cards knows that CPU cards are superior to M1 cards

Anyone who understands smart cards knows that CPU cards are superior to M1 cards, but if you want to actually say it, you don't know where to start. Card Cube Company is here to list the differences between CPU cards and M1 cards. CPU card M1 card operating system with COS system without COS system hardware encryption module hardware DES computing module without the implementation of the algorithm hardware encryption module algorithm support standard DES algorithm manufacturer-specific non-public algorithm key length 16 bytes DES12 bytes password transaction security wallet can not be illegally accessed; strict two-way authentication process with PSAM; transactions automatically form a non-repudiation TAC code password protection wallet, does not check the number of password errors; password replacement is plaintext can be intercepted, the card can not verify the legitimacy of the device terminal security using dynamic keys, key storage, transaction verification and encryption calculations are done independently by the SAM card, security is guaranteed using a fixed key, does not support SAM card two-way authentication multi-application support multiple applications, independent between applications; each application COS, capacity, functionality can be self-defined capacity, function can be self-defined, can be completely different, support a variety of authentication methods simple support for multiple applications, the number of applications and each application capacity limited capacity 4Kbytes ~ 80Kbytes8Kbytes space allocation file method, any size free allocation, and flexible to set the access conditions sector mode, 64Kbytes per region, will cause space waste data integrity support power failure protection and anti-plug processing, by COS to ensure data integrity does not support power failure protection, the need for human backup and recovery mechanism communication rate 106Kbps, up to 847Kbps106Kbps

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