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International standards for CPU cards and application standards in the financial field

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International standards for CPU cards

Since 1987, the International Organization for Standardization has been developing and promulgating international standards for CPU cards. 

The standards concerning the CPU card itself are:

● ISO10536: Identification card - contactless integrated circuit card

● ISO7816: Identification card - integrated circuit card with contacts

● ISO7816-1: Specifies the physical characteristics of the card. The physical characteristics of the card describes the card should achieve the UV protection ability X-ray dose, the mechanical strength of the card and contacts, and the ability to resist electromagnetic interference. 

●ISO7816-2:Specifies the size and location of the card. 

●ISO7816-3:Specify the electrical signal and transmission protocol of the card. There are two kinds of transmission protocol: synchronous transmission protocol and asynchronous transmission protocol

 ●ISO7816-4:Specify the exchange command between card industries. Including: in the card and read-write room to send the command and response information; card in the file, data structure and access methods; define the card in the file and data access rights and security structure. CPU card basic features:

 ● comply with ISO14443TypeA and ISO dual interface 7816 interface CPU card 

● hardware DES/3DES coprocessor

 ● hardware RSA coprocessor

 ● hardware SM1 Co-processor 

● Hardware random number generator CPU card functional requirements:

 ● Support PBOC2.0 debit credit application 

● Support PBOC2.0 micro-payment application based on loan records 

● Support PBOC2.0 contactless IC card payment application (i.e. QPBOC) 

● Support PBOC2.0 application 0 e-wallet 

● Support DDA/CDA authentication

International standards for CPU cards and application standards in the financial field

International standards for CPU cards and application standards in the financial field

CPU card application standards in the financial field

China's financial integrated circuit (IC) in March 1998, the People's Bank of China and nearly a dozen financial units using international standards and advanced foreign technology ISO standards and Europay, Mastercard, Visa developed three organizations EMV based on 96, combined with domestic CPU on the actual needs of China's financial and application card CPU specifies the basic application of the card. ● ISO992: financial transaction card - integrated circuit card and the information between the card recipient device ● ISO14443: identification card - contactless specification (distance 10) cm) ● ISO10202: financial transaction card - integrated circuit card financial transaction system security structure ● EMV: integrated circuit card specification and payment system integrated circuit card terminal specification ISO compared with other organizations, the standard and Specification of CPU card applications, you can consult the relevant standards as needed.

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