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The basic parameters and production process of ALIEN9662 long-distance range electronic tag

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The electronic tag, also called RF tag, transponder, realizes the spatial (contactless) coupling of RF signal through the coupling element between the reader and the reader; within the coupling channel, the energy transfer and data exchange are realized according to the timing sequence relationship. And Alien9662 electronic tag is a long-distance range electronic tag, the reading distance is generally 5-7 meters, at present this kind of electronic tag is mostly used in the field of pedestrian barrier-free access statistics, tickets, logistics, storage management, etc.

The basic parameters and production process of ALIEN9662 long-distance range electronic tag

I. AlienH3 electronic label product details, the regulation Alien9662 electronic label basic parameters:

1、Tag chip manufacturer: Alien

2, electronic tag model: Higgs-3Alien9662

3、Frequency: 860~960Mhz

4、Protocol: ISO/IEC18000-6C&EPCglobalClass1Gen2

5、EPC capacity: 96-480Bits;

6、Encapsulation material: 160gms copperplate paper

7、Antenna material: etched aluminum foil;

8, Antenna size: 80(L)*20(W)mm;

9, tag size: 73*23mm;

10. Read/write distance: <7m/23.0ft (related to the reader and environment)

11. Data retention: >10 years

12. Read-writeable: 100000 times

II.  Alien9662 electronic tag production size.

1. Size: 85mm×54mm×0.86mm package material: 160g coated paper

2. Weight: 1.85kg±0.05kg/roll; 8.13kg±0.20kg/case.

3. Quantity: 1,000pcs/roll x 4 rolls/ctn passed ISO9001 certification and obtained SGS certificate

III. Alien9662 electronic label printing optional process:

1. ink printing barcode and number.

2. Single-color screen printing pictures and LOGO.

AlienH3 electronic tag application: BG-PL-1 RFID tag uses the most sensitive AlienH3 chip with 64-bit global unique ID number, combined with the BizGridTM tag antenna design, which can still provide enough reflective signal to read the tag on a larger range at low level of power. The antenna of the BG-PL-1 RFID tag has a slit design, which can be effectively read when more RFID tags are stacked, and is suitable for itemlevel applications.

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