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4442 chip card and magnetic stripe card compared to the advantages of the card

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4442 chip card and magnetic stripe card are currently the industry with smart cards, but with the continuous innovation of technology, many companies are now abandoning the magnetic stripe card and enable IC cards, so many people will ask 4442 chip card and magnetic stripe card compared to the advantages of what, let's look at the advantages of 4442 chip card and the production of basic information it.

4442 chip card and magnetic stripe card compared to the advantages of the card4442 chip card and magnetic stripe card compared to the advantages of the card

4442 chip card belongs to the contact IC card. That is, the chip is exposed, read and write the card needs to be inserted into the device to sense read and write card data. At present, 4442 chip card has been one of the hot products in the international electronic information industry today, in addition to commercial, medical, insurance, transportation, energy, communications, security management, identification and other non-financial fields are widely used, the application in the financial field is increasingly widespread, with a very far-reaching impact.

The 4442 chip card is similar in appearance to the magnetic card, and the difference between it and the magnetic card is the different media for data storage. Magnetic cards are used to store information through the magnetic field changes on the card, while IC cards are used to store data information through the electrically erasable programmable read-only memory integrated circuit chip (EEPROM) embedded in the card. Therefore, compared with the magnetic card, IC card has the following advantages: .

1、Large storage capacity. The storage capacity of magnetic card is about 200 digital characters; the storage capacity of IC card is a few hundred characters for small ones and millions of characters for big ones depending on the model.

2, security and confidentiality, IC card information can be read, modified, erased at will, but all need a password.

3, the 4442 chip has data processing capabilities. When exchanging data with the card reader, the data can be encrypted and decrypted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the exchanged data; while the magnetic card does not have this function.

4、Long service life.

The production process of 4442 chip card.

1. 4442 chip card can be designed according to the layout of the material provided by the customer, or the design can be provided by the customer.

2. 4442 chip card can be sprayed on each 4442 chip card with different numbers, PIN codes or text.

3.4442 chip card can be printed on one side or both sides, using screen printing or offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) printing method.

4. 4442 chip card can be stamped with gold or silver.

5.4442 chip cards are produced after the standard size is 85.5mmX54mm

6. Because the card printing carrier is not the same, so the printed product and the computer display or print out of the color will have a certain color difference. 

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