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4442 chip card related technical parameters and production process

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4442 chip card has mature technology and complete production chain and the corresponding supporting products is one of the most widely used contact IC card, belongs to a comprehensive performance of a strong IC card products, it is for 256 bytes of logic encryption card, there are read data, write data, protect data and password operation.

4442 chip card related technical parameters and production process

4442IC card technical parameters.

1、256 bytes EEPROM organization method

2, 32-bit protection memory composition way

3, byte user password, password error count: 3 times

4、Temperature range: 0℃--70℃

5, less than 100,000 times erase

6、At least 10 years data retention period

7、Little write/erase time: 2.5ms

8、Operating voltage: 5V

9、Maximum power supply current: 10mA

Card Cube 4442IC card production process.

1、The 4442IC card can be designed according to the material provided by the customer, or the design can be provided by the customer.

2、It can be sprayed on each 4442IC card chip card with different numbers, PIN code or text.

3、4442IC card chip card can be printed single-sided or double-sided, using screen printing or offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) printing method.

4, can be hot-stamped on the 4442IC card chip card gold or silver.

5、The standard size of 4442IC card chip card is 85.5mmX54mm after it is made.

5, due to the card printing carrier is not the same, so the printed finished product and the computer display or print out of the color manuscript will have a certain color difference. Article Editor: Shenzhen card cube 4442 chip card production manufacturers

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