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What are the differences between 4442 chip card and 4428 chip?

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Chip card is now a relatively advanced smart card, chip card is mainly referred to IC card, and IC card can be divided into contact IC card and inductive IC card. Contact IC cards have chips of 4442, 4428, 5528, 24C series, etc. Today, Card Cube will introduce the difference between 4442 chip card and 4428 chip.

What are the differences between 4442 chip card and 4428 chip?

What are the differences between 4442 chip card and 4428 chip?

4442 chip card

4442 chip card is a kind of contact IC card, using imported Siemens SLE4442 chip, it is a kind of contact IC card, which belongs to the logic encryption card of contact IC card, with small memory and stable performance, at present, this kind of card is mainly adapted to telecommunication card, IP card, smart card, IC card, membership card, electronic ticket, VIP card, medical, insurance, transportation, school, etc.

4428 Chip Card

4428 chip card is a contact IC card, SLE4428 chip card storage capacity of 1K bytes, with write protection and logical encryption function, at present, these cards are mainly adapted to telecommunications cards, IP cards, smart cards, integrated circuit cards, membership cards, electronic tickets, VIP cards, medical care, insurance, transportation, schools, etc.

4442 chip card and 4428 chip card in the indicators of the difference between:

1, 4442 chip card has 32-bit protection memory, 256 bytes EEPROM; and 4428 chip card has 1024 bytes EEPROM.

2, 4442 chip card is 3 bytes of user password, password error count: 3 times; and 4428 chip card is 2 bytes of password, error count 8 times.

3, temperature range: 4442 chip card temperature range is 0 ℃ ~ +70 ℃, while the 4428 chip card temperature range is: -35 ℃ ~ +80 ℃

The difference between the 4442 chip and the 4428 chip is also mainly reflected in their functions.

4442 chip in the write protection area of each byte can be individually write protection, write protection, the content can not be changed (i.e., solidified data), the password is correct before, all data can be read, if necessary, the data can be properly encrypted, check the password is correct after writing or modification; while the 4428 chip capacity of 1Kbytes, address space from 0 to 1023, all data except All data can be read out under any circumstances except the password, which can be read out after checking the correct password, and all data including the password itself can be written or changed after checking the correct password.

The above is the difference between 4442 chip card and 4428 chip. If you want to know the specific parameters and technical problems of 4442 chip card and 4428 chip, you can consult our customer service staff online or call our hotline, we have professional technical staff can answer for you one by one. Card Cube is a manufacturer with 13 years of experience in card making, and has great advantages in technology and quality. Card Cube welcomes all merchants to order from our company, or come to our company for inspection! Related knowledge: 4428 chip card detailed introduction 4442 detailed technical parameters

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