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Hospital card "a card" implementation has become imperative

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It is common nowadays to use hospital cards to see a doctor, but in many areas, they are not universal. Once a medical card is lost, it needs to be reissued and a fee has to be paid, causing some trouble for the patient.

Hospital card "a card" implementation has become imperative

2015 Hospital card "a card" implementation has become imperative

Now is the age of electronic information, information technology has penetrated into the work and life of people. From a technical point of view, a city to achieve a hospital medical card "one card; it is not difficult. In recent years, other provinces and cities are using social security card to replace the designated hospital medical card, to realize the insured with social security card in the designated medical institutions registration, medical treatment, settlement, query

Now the hospital medical card "a card; not only convenient for the majority of patients, medical institutions also have a lot of benefits.

First of all, patients reduce the complexity of frequent payments and other procedures. As medical institutions, they can also reduce the relevant human and material resources investment, to avoid repeated mechanical labor, unnecessary waste of social resources.

Secondly, medical institutions can understand the patient's medical experience and treatment plan since a stage through electronic medical records to avoid unclear verbal treatment experience and delays. Patients can also check the doctor's prescription through the terminal and choose hospital treatment or nearby treatment according to the severity of their condition.

In terms of the speed of technological development and social needs, the implementation of the hospital medical card "one card; is imperative. I also hope that the relevant government departments can take responsibility, active leadership, the medical institutions actively cooperate, so that the people enjoy the real "one-stop medical services; fast and convenient. Related knowledge: What can the hospital medical card achieve?

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