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The T5577 white card customized by customers in Liaocheng has placed an order

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Shandong Liaocheng contacted the customer service personnel through our Baidu Shangqiao communication platform. Under the detailed explanation of our customer service personnel, the customer confirmed that the card they used was a T5577 card and was also very satisfied with the price, so they quickly decided to place an order. Thanks to Shandong friends for their trust and support to our Card Cube. We believe that your choice is not wrong!

The T5577 white card customized by customers in Liaocheng has placed an order

The T5577 white card customized by customers in Liaocheng has placed an order

T5577 card is a kind of ATMEL imported original TEMIC used in many radio frequency cards. It is packaged with 5557 chips. Its chip performance is unique and stable, and its encryption performance is good (multi-level authorization). Attendance system, identification, property identification, process control, parking, logistics, animal identification, identification, industrial automation, meeting login, electronic label, supermarket, warehouse management, personnel management, security system, etc.

The T5577 card produced by Card Cube has the characteristics of anti-magnetic, anti-static, strong resistance to damage and durability, good anti-counterfeiting, high security of stored data (can be encrypted, large data storage capacity, low cost of application equipment and system network environment, etc. ISO7816 standard implementation .

The basic parameters of T are 5577 cards:

Working frequency: 125KHZ

Storage capacity: 363bits, 11 partitions, 8-digit password

Reading and writing distance: 3-10cm Erasing and writing life: more than 10,000 times

Data retention time: 10 years

Size: ISO standard thin card/thick card/special-shaped card, etc.

Packaging material: PVCABS

Features: offset printing pattern, text, LOGO

Typical applications: Typical applications: sensor smart door locks, school/enterprise card systems, access control, channel systems, etc.

Shenzhen Card Cube is a manufacturer with 13 years of experience in card making. It not only produces T5577 cards, but also produces contact IC cards, inductive IC cards, contactless IC all-magnetic thin cards, thin visual cards, IC visual cards, magnetic stripe visible card, ID card, ID thick card, CPU card, key chain card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card, hospital medical card, campus IC card, bus IC various smart cards and related card reading equipment, such as card , community access control card, super membership card, etc. If you are interested in the smart cards produced by Card Cube, you can consult our online customer service or call our welcome! Related knowledge: Classification of ID cards

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